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For those of you that are hesitant to open a PhotoBucket account or are shy about using one you already have, I've opened a guest book account with PhotoBucket that you are welcome to use. When you have uploaded a photo it should appear on the front page of Claudia's Photobucket account. Hover your mouse over the picture and a small box should appear>Click on "Link Options"> A white box will appear called "Get Link Code"> Go down to "IMG for bulletin boards & forums" and copy the URL from "Clickable Thumbnail>paste that into your normal comments post with any comments you want to write and it will show up as a clickable thumbnail that we can all then view large without filling up this page. .

The Username is: ARDLHGB2
and the password is: rickman


Our WebSiteToolBox Guestbook offers a word processor/email environment for easy posting. No html knowledge is needed.  Click HERE to learn how to post images and links.  Please be sure to notice the message about hot linking.


2014 Alan Rickman Birthday Donations to RADA

Our donations to RADA don't just stop on AR's birthday.  It grows all year long.  Click on the image below to view this year's donations OR better yet....log your donation!

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Welcome to the

Alan Rickman Download Haven

Guest Book

The purpose of the Alan Rickman Download Haven Guest Book is for group discussion of Alan Rickman’s projects (old and new), news, information, and pictures.  Also welcome are questions, sightings, and reviews.

Our community is made up of many long-time members, and is continually joined by new AR fans.   As a new poster, you may want to browse our archives or lurk for a short while so you get a feel for our community.  We don’t have a lot of rules, but we do expect everyone to respect each other and to respect Alan Rickman.

When posting information or pictures you've found from other sources, please try to include credit for the hard working source that provided it.   Sometimes it may be impossible to remember where you found something and that is OK too because 9 times out of 10 another member will remember and post the information a little later.  

AR fandom sometimes suffers from what our group has fondly come to call “AR Drought”.  Its these times, we find solace by digging deep into our AR archives and posting an old piccie  (or two) and/or an old interview.  These always seem to generate good fun discussion and often brings back some wonderful memories for some of our members.

When you want to post thoughts about one of AR’s films, you might want to consider using a flag such as *SPOILER* before you write your thoughts just in case someone hasn’t seen the film and doesn’t want to know about it ahead of time.   The Harry Potter phenomenon is so huge, it has its very own place.  Please find the link to our HP Spoilers Forum below.  You’ll find lots of good discussion about plots and theories in the realm of Harry Potter. 

In addition, what’s a good friendship without some place to get as silly and squeely as humanly possible ?    Goodness knows AR gives us a lot to Squeeee about!  Our Alan Rickman Download Haven Discussion Party fits the bill for that particular part of our personality.  It’s a rip roaring party and there’s a lot of laughs and good times to be had by all.  We talk about anything and everything over there and would love to see your participation.   
Finally, our Alan Rickman Download Haven Live Chat Room is a place to shoot the breeze with other AR fans in realtime.  Pop in any time and you never know who you will run into or what the topic of discussion might be.  It’s a great way for our members to get to know each other a little better, and to continue conversations not specific to the main ‘on topic’ board in as much detail as they’d like.  Lots of  AR-admiration goes on and laughs are had in the chat room!

There is a fantastic group of Alan Rickman fans from all over the world represented here and each person adds to the fun in their very own way.

Lurking is welcome but we would love for you to post your comments when you feel comfortable.

The most important thing to keep in mind is......HAVE FUN!

If you have any problems posting,
please don't hesitate to email one of us
Claudia, GA   Sabine, GA  Sue, UK OR Ali-Pat, OH

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Alan Rickman Download Haven
Discussion Party

Our group is an intelligent and friendly  group who likes to sometimes discuss topics beyond the fabulous Alan Rickman.   Feel free to talk about anything your heart desires.




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Harry Potter Spoilers Forum

In anticipation of the newest Harry Potter book/movie, we've created this special forum so that thoughts and opinions may be shared freely without fear of spoiling the reading/viewing experience for others.




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